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Customer Corner

Big Bite Dally Wrap is changing the roping industry, and our champions agree. Read their stories below.

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Meet our newest champion, Buddy Hawkins.

“Big Bite is a revolutionary product I’ve been testing for 6 months and using exclusively this winter. The design offers a clean look and durable feel that really has me saying, It’s About Time! It’s about time someone took an “engineering” perspective, building a safer product for the most dangerous aspect of the run. It is “About Time” when every hundredth of a second counts in our sport. Finally, it’s about time you ordered one!”

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Our Happy Customers:


Darcy Marshall

 "When you take the weekend off of roping to go for a trail ride... and your Big Bite Dally Wrap still steals the show!"

- Darcy Marshall  |  Three Creeks Meadow Sisters, OR

Jay Ritchey

"The only wrap I use is the Big Bite Dally Wrap! No more black ropes, no slippage. High School rodeo season is gearing up and we’re ready!" 

- Jay Ritchey


Oscar Jimenez 

 "I had been using several different dally wrap rubbers throughout the years and they all wore out my ropes quickly, plus at times, would get the rope running/slipping on that rubber. When the product came out and I tried it, I knew this was it, what a heeler and header have been waiting for. This will boost your confidence and not have you worrying that the rope's going to suck you in and lose digit. You will stop the clock! Another great thing about big bite dally wrap, your ropes last longer. Thanks Big Bite Dally wrap for a game changer!"

- Oscar Jimenez  |  TranSecurity Inc

Calvert Dixon

"Tough enough to wear pink, join the fight against breast cancer. Got my Big Bite Dally Wrap to show my support. Get your dally wrap today don't wait show your support." 

- Calvert Dixon

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Jennifer Trujillo

"I love the way it keeps your dally from slipping and the way it keeps your rope from building rubber on it! Great customer service and a great product." 

- Jennifer Trujillo

Jayson Blackmore

"This is one of my favorite things about Big Bite Dally Wrap. Not only do they have great bite when you dally but you don’t end up with burnt rubber into the crowns of your ropes."

- Jayson Blackmore

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