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The Glove you'll lose....

And, when you lose it, you'll know it because you'll miss it.


This glove is a true collaboration between Crossfire Equine Products, Inc, and Big Bite Dally Wrap, and top PRCA Heeler, Buddy Hawkins. 

Buddy told us everything he liked about roping gloves and everything he didn't like about them, so we went off to design a glove that would meet his list of requirements. The gloves had to be first and foremost, comfortable. They needed to be able to breath well in the summer to keep your hand dry, and yet warm and useful in colder weather. They also had to be able to stand up to the wear and tear we put on gloves. To that end we reinforced the thumb pit where the thumb and forefinger come together in that spot that always seems to wear out first. We added the touch screen tips on the middle finger, fore finger, and thumb so that you don't have to take your glove off to use your phone. From a materials standpoint we combined the best of the old with the new in this hybrid of cotton and newer textile materials. 

Hopefully you won't lose this glove before you get a chance to wear it out, and if you do you'll know it as you have to reach into your rope bag for something that you probably should've thrown away months ago.

Available in Medium and Large

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